As you will soon discover I’m not a musician. Yet!. But I had always meddled with a handful of instruments in my younger years and had been increasingly getting that urge to commit to one, and preferably one that I hadn’t walked out on in the past. So when a friend announced during a late night gathering of minds in full session, he was selling his first saxophone (he’d clearly exhausted its tonal qualities having been learning for almost 6 months), I decided it was a sign from the gods of music. Although, unlike my friend, I’d forgotten all about it by the next day helped by a thumping hangover. He, on the hand remembered everything, especially the several hundred pounds I’d agreed to cough up.

This was almost 8 years ago, and having successfully reached my middle years with just one short failed attempt at learning to play the thing, finally, I got my sax out from under the bed earlier this year and found myself a teacher. This time it’s for real!

This journal is a record of the pain and the triumphs of the months gone by and the years of more pain and joy to come. I was really struck by how much content there was online about learning to play the saxophone and also how little of it was talking my language as a complete beginner. These ramblings are really an attempt to describe the early days, months and years of learning.

WARNING: I’m not an experienced musician, if you need to learn the finer details of jazz, please walk on. I would also like to warn any early readers, there will be a lot of content that will be published well after the event. I had a lot of notes I took in the first few months before I sorted this space out.

P.S I’m part of an organisation called Do Something Different which is planning to change the world one Do at a time. If you are striving for change but find it difficult to get away from your old habits, then give us a try.

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  1. Hi Sax Tapes.
    Really enjoying your posts. The sense of humor. The LOL honesty.
    Keep writing.

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